9 to 12 weeks pregnant

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Welcome to the pregnancy week by week website, where we will provide you all the important information which are necessary to follow and/or know.

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When Does Pregnancy Happen

Well, “when pregnancy does happen” isn’t a secret anymore because 21st century is damn too fast. In order to get yourself pregnant, the sperms which ejaculate from the men’s body have to meet eggs. After the sperms meet-up with the eggs, pregnancy finally starts to happen in the lining of the uterus.

It takes up to 2-3 weeks after getting into sex for pregnancy to happen because you cannot take anything for granted. You’ve to perform sex with your partner for more than once to make sure pregnancy to happen.

What’s the best way to get Pregnant?

Pregnancy week by week is providing you yet another particulars and facts about getting pregnant because what you know about “How to get pregnant” may not be right. Pregnancy is basically a very complex process which happens initially when your sperms meet the egg. But before getting pregnant, you need to quit these things

  • Discuss your current health information with the doctor because you might need some help in getting stronger.
  • You need to stop Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs because you may lose the baby before it born.
  • You need to take a balanced diet because the healthier you’ll get the healthier you’ll baby be.
  • You need to take Vitamins and Folic Acids as per your doctor advice.
  • You need to start doing exercise because it’s the best way to keep yourself healthier.
  • You need to take rest more and relax as well because stress can be very dangerous to your health.

Now let’s move towards the best way to get pregnant, and if you follow the steps throughout you surely will get pregnant with best of your health.

  • Prepare your body for a safer sex
  • Get an appointment from your doctor to know about what to do next
  • Set target your weight before you get pregnant because you’ll be able to then assume the health of the baby
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins during your pregnancy because this will assist a lot to your health
  • You need to start increasing your fertility by taking the right diet suggested by the right doctors
  • You need to start encouraging your partner to eat healthier because that promotes the health of the sperm
  • You need to stop using the birth controls. For instance, Condom

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

There are few symptoms of early pregnancy which many people notice while experience early pregnancy but it’s not a surety that it will happen to everyone.

  • You may experience missing your periods
  • You may experience swollen breast
  • You may experience vomiting
  • You may experience constipation

Let’s now divert your attention from symptoms to “12 weeks pregnant” domain because that’s what we are basically here to discuss. But the above information was necessary too and that’s why we’ve provided it to you.

Pregnancy week by week

If you know about pregnancy week by week then you’re on the rightist platform with perfect information because we do a lot of research before we post the solutions/answers here.

There are basically 3 trimesters of pregnancy followed by 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester, and each trimester contains 13 weeks.

  1. The first trimester will be the most exciting and overwhelming time period for both of the partners because everything seems to be very new and beautiful. When the first trimester completes, your size of the baby becomes 3-inch human size. And the baby of 3 inches is responsive to the sound.
  2. After completing the first Trimester in pregnancy week by week, you’ll move along to the second trimester which consists of three months between 14 and 26 weeks. Now, this phase is incredibly important for women because extraordinary health care is required at this stage. You can get to know about your baby’s gender when getting 20 weeks pregnant. At the end of 26 weeks, your baby will finally start to grow up hair can grow each and everything.
  3. The third and final trimester consists of 16 weeks as well from 27 to 42 weeks. This time is very important for you and you’ve to care a lot in the third trimester as well. You have to eat healthily and take full bed rest. The third trimester is basically considered as the most exciting time for your baby because it started to grow five senses, brain and bones. And the end of the third trimester, you’d be ready for baby delivery.

Now, that’s all from the pregnancy week by week section and now we will move towards 9 weeks pregnant and 9 weeks ultrasound topic. So here we go!

9 Weeks Pregnant

You can consider 9 weeks pregnant foremost period of the pregnancy because your baby will start to develop her head. You’ll be able to see the baby fingers, toes and legs finally and baby starts to make heartbeat as well.

Following are the symptoms of 9 weeks pregnant girl is going to face.

  • You may experience a sudden change in urine frequency
  • You may experience your breast to get swallow and tenderness in it
  • You may experience bloating and gas
  • You may experience constipation but it isn’t necessary that it happens to everyone
  • You may experience acidity, heartburn and indigestion
  • You may experience fatigue as well

Let’s now talk about 9-week ultrasound, which was the most asked question about 9 weeks pregnancy so here we go!

9 Week Ultrasound

9 week ultrasound shows you nothing because you won’t get an appointment until your pregnancy gets to 17-20 weeks. But if you’re a medical student and/or doctor, then you’ll be able to assume all the things correctly.

9 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

So, you can face a lot of symptoms at the pregnancy of 9 weeks but the exact 9 weeks pregnancy symptoms are given below

  • Missing Periods
  • Frequently Urine
  • Fatigue
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Constipation

That’s all from the 9 week pregnancy, ultrasound and pregnancy symptoms. Now we will head towards week 10 pregnancy. So here we go!

Week 10 pregnancy

Week 10 pregnancy maybe the most exciting time of your life because you get to know about pregnancy and you & your family are waiting anxiously for the delivery of your baby. But, you have to be absolutely patient about your baby here because neither you’ll get to know about your baby gender nor you’ll get the appointment for it. 

If you have a medical background and you know more about pregnancy then you’ll be able to assume a lot of things. But according to our research, week 10 pregnancy can develop your baby head and heartbeat.

Now let’s move to another most frequently asked question which is “baby at 12 weeks”. So without waiting for any second, let’s rock and roll

Baby at 12 Weeks

Like seed forms into a plant when we give water to it and fruits on a tree, same is the case happens with a baby in your belly because if you keep your diet healthy, you’ll witness a lot of changes when a baby at 12 weeks.

You’ll get to observe the baby hands movement, the toes are going to curl, muscles are going to clinch and the mouth is going to show you the sucking movement as well.

As we discussed earlier as well that it is necessary you to get 20 weeks pregnant so that you can get to know about your baby’s gender but the development process when baby at 12 weeks can get faster.

That’s all from the 12 weeks pregnant section, we will now move to 12 weeks pregnant ultrasound which will be followed by the 12 weeks pregnant symptoms as well. So let’s start them as well.

12 Week Ultrasound

12-week ultrasound can’t show you the gender of the baby but it shows you multiple things like Hands movement, toes curls, muscles clenching and mouth sucking.

12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

12 weeks pregnant symptoms are given below, but that’s not necessary that it can happen to everyone who is going through 12 weeks pregnant period. So, let’s talk about the symptoms straight away!

  • You may experience a few frequent washroom trips because that’s the biggest symptom
  • You may experience headache at most times of the day but you’ve to eat maximum all your day because if you skip your daily meal it causes low sugar level and because of low sugar level, headache happens to a girl
  • You may experience increase in sense of smell
  • You may experience fatigue and stress
  • You may experience excess in saliva
  • You may experience Bloating and gas
  • You may experience Constipation

Well, that’s all from the 12 weeks pregnant section because we have discussed almost everything about 9 to 12 weeks pregnant things. Well if you still have any question regarding 12 weeks pregnant, then you can ask us by emailing us or commenting down below.