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What is Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a word which is known to every single person in the world, but there are few questions which not everyone is aware of. We will let you guys know about all the important things about what you go through in pregnancy but before elaborating everything, we will describe the basic concepts first.

Pregnancy which is also familiar with a word gestation and it is a time when one or more baby started to develop inside the women. Women can develop more than one off-springs which are also known as twins but that happens often in 1 out of 10 cases. Pregnancy occurs to a woman when she practices herself in sexual intercourse and the other way to get pregnancy is assisted reproductive technology. And yes the technology has gone this so far.

Childhood birth occurs after the period of nine months when a girl meets her last Menstrual Period and each nine-month calculates as 31 days in a month. Pregnancy can be measured through fertilization as well because when the embryo is developing the offspring in the first eight months of the fertilization and the term called as “Fetus” is used until as the birth.

If we talk about the pregnancy which occurs earlier than the time may include missing periods, tender breast, vomiting, hunger and frequent urination. But according to the doctors, these symptoms cannot be considered as lethal or verified because the pregnancy can only be confirmed through pregnancy test lead by the professional doctors.

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If you want to know about the symptoms of pregnancy, the following are the symptoms are included when you go through pregnancy.

  • You feel tiredness
  • You feel morning sickness
  • You feel Constipation
  • You feel back pain
  • You feel an increase in urine frequency
  • You feel tenderness in breast
  • You feel stretch marks
  • You feel Varicose Veins

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6 Weeks Pregnant

When you talk about 6 weeks pregnant girl, then you basically talk about baby getting bigger in your tummy and developing fast, and in this article, we will talk about the symptoms of 6 weeks pregnant girl, hormones and embryos development.

So, following are the factors which you need to be aware of when getting pregnant.

6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At 6 week pregnancy, you won’t feel like a pregnant girl but yes you’d experience some of your body changes one person can’t experience when normal. Such as

  • Morning Sickness: You can feel morning sickness when you open your eye. You may feel like you’ve worked last 24 hours before getting into the bed.
  • Vomiting: You’d experience vomiting at any time of the day when you’re 6 weeks pregnant.
  • Appetite: You may feel the change in your appetite. For instance, disliking the food which you used to love and crave for any other food.
  • Urine Frequency: You will feel a sudden change in the frequency of urination at nighttime.
  • Changing Emotions: You husband will have to face your mood swings and sudden change in emotions as well


When you get pregnant, you’d feel a lot of changes in your hormones and certain variations in hormones which sum up a lot in your pregnancy factors. So following are the hormones changes which may occur in 6-week pregnancy.

  • You may experience fluctuations in estrogen
  • You may experience more anxiety in your life
  • You may experience tiredness and physical stress
  • You may experience metabolic changes

Baby Development

Baby development started to get faster at 6 weeks of pregnancy because 6 weeks pregnant girl means a lot of changes in your body. So following are the organs, features and system of the body forms during 6 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Growth in arms and legs buds
  • Growth in the tissues which forms brain and spine
  • Growth in the head and C-Shaped body
  • Growth in features of the face such as eye, nose, jaw, cheeks, and chin
  • Growth in the inner part of the ear
  • The growth of kidney, liver, and lungs
  • The growth of heart and four chambers of it

5 Weeks Pregnant

Another question which was triggered by you people was 5 week pregnant girl symptoms and we have completed our research on it. Without wasting a second let us head towards our topic. S here we go

5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Following are the symptoms which you’re going to experience while getting 5 weeks pregnant.

  • You may experience sore breast
  • You may experience morning sickness as mentioned above as well
  • You may experience fatigue
  • You may experience cramps and change in urine frequency


Yes, you may observe a lot of changes in your hormones when you get 5 weeks pregnant because you start to react and look different from a normal person. Following are the hormones change which may come in your way

  • Fluctuations in estrogen
  • Anxiety in your life
  • Tiredness and physical stress
  • Metabolic changes

5 Week Ultrasound

5 week ultrasound is yet another question triggered by a lot of FAMS out here and we’ve got the answer.

Basically, 5 week ultrasound won’t show you much of your baby but the baby must’ve to start few of the orgasm such as heart, eyes, nose, body, stomach, liver, lungs and systems. If you have a medical background and knows how the pregnancy works then you’ll be able to understand all the complications which comes your way during 5 week ultrasound.

But, you won’t be able to get an appointment for your 5-week ultrasound because you’d probably be able to get your first appointment after 8-9 weeks of your pregnancy. You’ll have to wait to know about your baby if you’re 5 weeks pregnant and waiting impatiently about knowing the gender of the baby is painful. We can understand your pain!

4 Weeks Pregnant

If you’re here to know about 4 weeks pregnant girls, then we welcome you to the club of Pregnant Women who are impatiently waiting for their baby to come out but your excitement may take a lot of time.

You must have shared the news of the pregnancy with your partner and now your partner would be looking for the size of the baby and symptoms of pregnancy at 4 weeks. You don’t have to worry about because we have got you covered and we have a lot more to discuss with you. So let us start with the symptoms and then lead to other things. So here we go!

4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Following are the symptoms of 4 weeks pregnant girl and you are going to experience the following things.

  • You may experience Bloating
  • You may experience Mild Cramping
  • You may experience Spotting
  • You may experience Mood Swings
  • You may experience Morning Sickness
  • You may experience Fatigue and sore breast

 3 Weeks Pregnant

So if you’re 3 weeks pregnant then sperms inside you must have met egg and voila and yes that‘s too early to call that you’re pregnant or not. But if you have a medical background and know more about pregnancy than any other person out here then you can have a better idea about your 3 week pregnant baby.

You must not be curious about your pregnancy because it may take a bit of time to get settled and you’ll get to know more about your pregnancy in 4-5 of weeks. But yes, any good thing which is coming your family way is worth waiting. So please wait until you get to the perfect stage to let your family knows about it.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 3

Pregnancy symptoms week 3 aren’t very intense or you can’t figure out the symptoms this early. But there are some Pregnancy symptoms of week 3 which you can experience. Such as

  • You may experience implantation bleeding
  • You may experience Nausea
  • You may miss the periods
  • You may experience the change in breast
  • You may experience positive home pregnancy test

8 Week Ultrasound

So, you can finally book an appointment from your doctor and can get to know about the gender which is growing inside you. 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound is what all the doctor recommends because before 8 weeks it is really difficult to know about what exactly is growing inside you, I mean gender.

In 8 Weeks pregnant, you can get to know about your baby’s heart, nose, shape, gender, digestive system, lungs, kidney and all the other things because they started to grow faster all along.

Baby at 8 Weeks

Baby at 8 weeks started to get appear in a shape and you can see the baby clearly and can identify the gender of the baby. So, if you’re pregnant with 8 weeks, then you can play the “Blue and Pink” game with your family to let them know about the gender of your baby.

7 Week Ultrasound

If you want to know about 7 week ultrasound, then we call tell you exactly what you can see in that ultrasound. The result of 7-week baby ultrasound would be the size of an iPhone 6 and requires magnification to see that. And you can observe the heart beat of the baby clearly.

7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You can observe a lot of symptoms when getting 7 weeks pregnant because it’s a lot of time. So, without letting you wait for the symptoms we are preceding towards them.

  • You may experience cramps
  • You may experience fatigue and breast souring
  • You may experience Mood Swings
  • You may experience Your belly coming out

That’s all about 8 weeks pregnant, but if you’ve any question regarding 8 weeks pregnant then you can ask us by typing the question in the comment section. And we hope that everything goes well in your pregnancy. Take cares and stay beautiful dollies!